Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wordchamp Wednesday

Wordchamp is all about WANTING to crunch the data that you get. It gives you so much to work with, it makes me ask the question, "what motivates a teacher to make changes based on this data?" Well, I was in a meeting Monday, and was screen-reading over the shoulder of an anonymous colleague who was multi-tasking /perusing this article,

Enthusiastic and Growing Teachers: Individual Dispositions, Critical Incidences, and Family Supports

about enthusiastic teachers and I was really interested. So, she sent it to me later and it really grabbed me. Here's the quote that turned the key:

"I don't want to be a veteran teacher who's not 'with it'. I want the students to keep learning until I walk out of here. I keep looking for new ideas. Times are changing, students are changing and I'm changing."

I'm lucky to be surrounded by like-minded colleagues, or at least often associate myself with them, so I feel inspired by their growth. Many thanks to my IH comrades who are grabbing everything offered!

So, maybe Wordchamp isn't for you. If you're happy with doing things as usual, and you really don't want to use a new tool to improve student learning, go ahead and ignore it. The rest of us will see you in the 21st century.


Mme. Mustard said...

Andrea, EXACTLY! I hate to see a glazed over look on my students' faces! I mix things up if ever that happens - its not worth continuing a class at that point because absolutely nothing will be accomplished anyway! They have grown up with variety, so we need to offer variety in the way we present material. I get bored easily if I do the same thing the same way over and over, so it is also fun for me to keep looking for new ways to reach students!

Andrea Weis said...

Merci! That's why we're grabbing the new stuff! Gratias tibi-you're one of the people keeping me going!