Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Going well, thank you for asking.

We are now at one week with the 12 year old having his own laptop. So far, so good. Parental controls enforced, and only one reminder necessary. All messages meeting expectations and time restraints honored.

Problem 1: I want to Skype my cousins at all hours. They are family.
Solution: Hours of conversation created.

Problem 2: I am going to volunteer to make a video project in one day for my
social studies group. It has 35 clips that need to be edited.
Solution: You will make a PowerPoint with a few flash clips. Do not volunteer
for a project that takes 20 hours to complete in a 3 hour window.

Problem 3: My sister clicked on a contaminated link that was given by (gasp) her teacher!
Solution: Run virus scan and email teacher so that others do not suffer.

These, I think, are opportunities for learning, not setbacks. But they cost me a few hours. Learn from my mistakes.

Positives: I (young person)can check my web portal with no assistance and get my homework checked off my to-do list!

I (young person)can create a set of online flash cards to study for my quiz!

I've (young person)learned how to use sticky-notes and followed through on what was on them!

So, it's been a good week. Way to go, young person!!!


Kerry Daus said...

I am so glad your kids are a bit older than mine. We will need to create a vast archive of your wisdom, so I can use it on my kids. I appreciate how much thought you put into opportunities for your children. Keep sharing!

Kim Given said...

I've certainly made many technologically related mistakes. My learning rate, however, especially the "don't volunteer for a 20 hour project when you've got a 3 hour window" could definitely use work....