Saturday, January 21, 2012

Professional Learning Community-My PLC

Been working with my PLC, and realizing just how good I've got it. We are a group of four Latin teachers: Sherwin Little, Melissa Burgess and K.C. Kless (we call ourselves "Smack", an acronym from our first names, and have the belief that "Latin teachers rule the world." Then there are our Latin-in-laws, the Latin teachers that we are connected to by student-teaching, marriage, and long-term cooperation.

But let's go beyond the obvious (The American Classical League, Junior Classical League, CAMWS). If one was to draw a sociogram of the connection among Latin teachers in Cincinnati, extend it to Ohio, then to the U.S. it would be quite a web. Latin teachers are notorious early-adopters of techniques and technology, we share materials and ideas without shame, and know how to badger each other into friendly competition (because we know that together our students ARE going to rule the world, so we'd better make them the best out there.)

So if you're taking Latin, you should know, you have 10,000 teachers holding you up!

If you're a Latin teacher-just interested-check out #Latchat on twitter, go to the and Just a few examples of the people doing it the big PLC way.

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