Saturday, July 7, 2012

In the Summer we dream of Staplers

I was busy.  Very busy.  Like most schools in Ohio, we've been scrambling with HB 153 and its contents.  It comes down to new evaluations, and new compensation systems (yet to be determined).  At Indian Hill, we'll be using the Danielson Framework, and change the headings to Ohio's required Basic, Developing, Proficient, Accomplished. The 22 components and 76 smaller elements are clustered into four domains. Rest assured, we're not throwing out Marzano's domains and its 60 elements, since writing Student Learning Objectives (SLO's) will be based on his research and our professional learning community work that has been ongoing for 4 years in our buildings.

Curriculum?  Well, that's changed too.  Common Core.

I'm very much enjoying my summer off as are other teachers!  Can't wait to be back in the classroom and try to find a stapler.   If I had a stapler, I could get much more work done.

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