Friday, July 13, 2012

Row hard. . . double time!-Teaching Teachers

     The goal:  how much do you share and how fast do you share it?  On a teaching team if you give the big overview first, it can overwhelm and the oarsmen will either not row or row with one oar.  That's always fun because the boat spins.  If you don't share enough and people row to the first target and stop, then you have to regroup and aim for the next target and get things going again.
     Balance, right?  Differentiation, right?  How do we get the right crew on each boat and help them make the run a good one, and even more important, how do we coordinate all the boats in the school so that we're synchronized to be in range at the same time?
    I'm thinking through how to facilitate moving to the new evaluation instrument at our school, which isn't really that different from the old, but the stakes are higher for the teachers.  We're going to need these boats going in the right direction, hitting the targets, and not stopping, but rowing through to the next target.
    I hope we have enough teacher leaders to show everyone the correct way to handle the oars!

   In the meantime, I'm securing flotation devices for a few people in advance.

Disclaimer:  this will only help in the event of an emergency in which passengers must abandon ship, not when the ship has crashed.

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