Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cooperation (it depends. . . )

Interesting article about why we cooperate (rather important if a school is to be successful with coordinating many teachers for the success of the students.)

Here's a quote from a researcher in the article:  

"people do not make their decisions based on the rewards obtained (by them or by their neighbors), but rather based on how many people have recently cooperated with them, as well as on their own mood at the time"

For my trusted teammates, I suppose I get myself into a cooperative mood when the request is made.  And when I know it's going to improve student learning, I'm going to do it even if I'm in a "meh" mood, and I don't feel compelled by personal connections to cooperate.  But upon reflection, yep, I am more likely to jump to it simply if I'm in a good state of mind.

Now, how to get a staff of teachers into a state where they are more likely to collaborate.  First, take the irritating jangly stuff off their necks.  Second,  oh, wait, we must wear the jangly things? Nevermind.

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