Thursday, July 12, 2012

Blue Highways (Viae Caeruleae)

Blue highways are great most of the time. And there is something about letting go and just taking to the open road that is so scary it's exciting.  Flying without a net. Triple-A might not find you out here.

I'm going it alone.  No school-supported technology for me, I've decided to work without the limits and see what happens.

Just like a "Bring your own Technology" philosophy for schools, I'm trying out the teacher version. I had to weigh the pro's and con's before I handed in my tablet and walked away.

I can download anything I want without guilt or retribution.  (things like “fences” and “Jing”)
If I mess something up on this computer, the school I.T. facilitators won’t be there to help me clean up. 
When I fix things on my own I get the credit and no grief.
I can really be a transparent teacher and show how the Latin never stops when I’m out of the classroom
The “academic year” doesn’t control my access to technology.

I can go beyond the basic expectations in order to make progress. 
I have to stay on top of all the updates that are necessary to meet the expectations of my school district-there is no one who will complete this task for me. 

So here I go!  Nothing bad yet. . . hmmm.  Maybe it will succeed?

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