Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation and Vocation


 Today I progressed with the family entourage to the Outer Banks.  Along the way we stopped at Cowling BBQ (a tradition), and I had a piece of the coconut custard pie that I wait all year for! 

     On the side, I also asked our server about the local schools (Suffolk County, Va.) and she praised the communication that was offered by teachers to parents from her personal experience.  That’s always nice to hear-go fellow teachers!

     On the way down read a few good articles, one on Evernote stood out.   The tweet from ETC made me pay attention and follow it further.   I’m looking for ways to gather data as I show growth on student learning objectives through the next year.  Hopefully I’ll have some good suggestions to share with other teachers since this is tied to evaluation

Here is my to-do for the next few days:

  • 1  Begin reading The Iron Lady:  Margaret Thatcher, from    Grocer’s Daughter to Prime Minister
  • 2  Organize notes from Gallup strengths finder 2.0 (they haven’t changed much from the 1.0-I dropped "input" and gained "achiever".  Hmmmm. 
  • 3  Synthesize #2 with a personal core values assessment
  • 4  Write a draft of my personal leadership assessment

And lastly, figure out how to get myself to watch a movie.  A WHOLE movie.  I don’t like movies.

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