Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Image resources

Here's a great list of image resources that I found as I was looking at through Marzano's instructional strategies. I'm always looking for pictures to reinforce the language that we're using in class and the students hook into the visual images quickly and readily. We spend class time using Latin (and elaborate English) descriptions that connect us to the picture. When the students see the picture again they remember many of the words that we used in class. Obviously, if the student wrote the word, demonstrated the word, said the word, made art of the word, used the word in a dialogue, he/she is more likely to recall it-so it's all in using the image. Technology is giving us many ways to "art" words, like wordle and one of my faves, Big huge labs' motivator.

When the students create something with the vocabulary themselves and use it in class (especially in games) they are highly engaged in the learning. And it's fun!!

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