Saturday, April 10, 2010


This is (I'm sure) my first praise entry about Wordchamp. We've been using it for three years now. It provides huge advantages. K.C. Kless, my compatriot introduced it after attending a conference. He must be credited with all the leaps that our students have made with this advantage! You create a class, students join and complete the assignments that you post and the best thing-the DATA. It shows you how many times a student practiced the item, the most missed items for the group (reteach these in class) , the easiest items (skim these in class). And read between the lines-it shows you what they said so that you can interpret what mistakes are happening and address them directly with the particular student!

The webreader that it provides allows you to give students passages for comprehension, and, get this-they create THEIR OWN practice list. Completely individualized education in which they practice the vocabulary and grammar that THEY are hovering over-not what someone else might need. Then, the teacher can look at what they did, recognize it, use it to shape new lessons and help them get to the end goal. The student takes control of his/her own learning and this is the best example that I can provide of a student-led culture of learning.

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Just Joan said...

Andrea...I know the Spanish teachers at IHMS use WordChamp also. I dropped out from using it b/c my textbook has activities on-line. However, I am recognizing how WordChamp is WAY better. I guess I did not realize (surprised?) all the things you could do with it. I would love to have a professional development day to create WordChamp for my 3 French classes. Do we have enough TIME? (see my Blog about time ;-)