Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Prezi? You're welcome.

Prezi is a slick little presentation tool, but don't think that it's going to do the work for you, it just makes the work you do look polished. What it does: You set up a layout of pictures and text and design its appearance, then you add a path through which it clicks and zooms. Or, you can go pathless and spontaneously choose a path as needed for a subject.

Keep in mind, Prezi is a presentation tool, so you do the talking and teaching while you're using the images to reinforce and add clarity to your message. So, it's not a replacement for your presentation, it's only a visual aid. I used images from the artwalk in Staines, Adpontes to show my students how ancient art lives with contemporary art in this city. It was good because we could go at our own pace, discuss the pieces and make comparisons. Here's the link to my Prezi:

I haven't had the children use it yet, because honestly, it can be kind of frustrating getting things just so. But when you don't want a one-path Powerpoint, this could be the answer. The students liked its appearance, but didn't beg for more either.

Here is a Prezi that I really like, about the mind and metaphor, that is much more advanced than mine, and it showcases some of the best features. Try it out, see what you think.


Shelly said...

Love the blog! Something I've been impressed with is Glogster...Rachel used it for a 7th grade history project. It's kinda like a creative digital interactive poster that allows you to embed photos, video, music, text.

Andrea Weis said...

I think glogster is great. It's especially good because the teacher can create a "class account" and then check everyone's work in a sorted list. We have a 6th grade teacher, Kerry Daus, who uses it for several projects and the kids did a great job. Thanks Shelly!

tech guy said...

Great work on the blog. Love the post of Differentiation and the superhero poster you posted with it.