Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Speaking of Differentiation

It's the "D" word. Differentiation. (cue music indicating villain approaching). After years of looking at it, trying it, and finally coming to the startling conclusion that it's just good teaching, I found this.

In a post by Rebecca Alber, many of my thoughts were put into easily recognized scenarios: Is it fair? Better keep resource files on hand (graphic organizers and such) because it often has to happen on the spot when you see a student struggling and giving up. Research the students' files until you feel like Sherlock Holmes. And ask questions of the student, his/her former teachers, and the parents at home.

I still think we should call it something like "common sense goals" but since everyone is already using differentiation, I'll keep using the foul language.

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J. Gudelsky said...

Andrea - You had commented on my blog that you have enjoyed using Wordle. Do you have a copy of an assignment + rubric that I could see? I'd like to use it but have no idea how to set it up.

Judy G.