Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Technology and Latin

So, should Latin teachers really be tech-savvy? Of course! No one was more into new technology than the ancient Romans, and this type of communication would never have evolved without the Romans to help kick start things.

Learning Latin is all about learning to learn. That's it. Understanding processes and communicating those and helping other people get to the point are skills that our students gain by studying Latin. So, by going through the process of seeing how a language is built, the students understand the scheme of how most things are constructed.

Technology is just a structure that can help our students go through this learning process. Ouch, learning hurts. The frustration that I feel as a teacher when I'm trying to use a new piece of technology keeps me in touch with that overwhelming feeling that my students get when I'm speaking in Latin and asking them questions. But we get through it and at the end we've learned.

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